About Me

I was born in Pretoria, South Africa of a Rhodesian mother and an Australian father. My brothers and I had an idyllic childhood in Rhodesia where the only rule seemed to be "make sure you're home before dark". This magical time instilled in me a deep love for Africa, and an insight into the inherent problems of that beautiful but troubled continent, whose peoples are a bewildering and complex tangle of the past and the present.

During my teen years I emigrated with my family to Australia, but the call of Africa constantly lured me home. In 1973 I returned to Zimbabwe with my 2 small sons, and for the next 26 years we experienced first hand the turbulence and terror of a nation at war.

Deeply committed to the conservation and preservation of Africa's magnificent wildlife, I saw the devastating effect that war, and an uncaring, self serving government inflicted not only on the helpless population, but on the unprotected and innocent animals in that unfortunate land.

In 1999, seeking peace and solitude, I once again crossed the ocean and returned to Australia, where I now live peacefully in a beautiful, beach-side town with a much loved Siamese cat and a boisterous terrier cross pup named Buddy.


Margaret River

Western Australia.

Gloriosa Superba - The Rhodesian Flame Lily