A Woman of Africa is a romantic adventure story which chronicles the lives of a young couple who operate a safari business in Zimbabwe, and who also risk their lives in trapping and relocating the endangered rhinoceros.

The author is a Zimbabwean whose love of her country is conveyed in her dramatic evocation of its wild beauty and its unique wildlife. Her commitment to conservation leads her also to expose controversial conservation policies, offering a valuable insight into the troubles of modern Africa.

As both a first-rate story and as an armchair tour of a little known African country, A Woman of Africa is a powerful, unputdownable first novel.

*** Janus Publishing Company, UK ***

A Reader's Review: A passionate love story set in the dangerous, corrupt yet enchanting lands of Africa. This story is a great read full of love, humour, vivid imagery and strong characters. The author clearly loves Africa and guides you through all her beauty in this wonderful story. An absolute 'must read'.

A Reader's Review: The author's love of Africa comes alive in this book. Her descriptions are so wondrously vivid you can almost smell the elephant dung! This is a great read, full of humour, passion, pathos and romance. Read it and you're instantly transported to modern day Africa.

A Reader's Review: Your book has opened doors for me that I haven't reached yet. I am amazed by your ability to develop characters of multiple dimensions, which contributes to the success of the novel. The descriptions you offer of the landscape, the animals and the cities all paint a picture in my mind. Your passion shines through the pages. The love you describe in the book - the idea that soul mates exist - is a hope that exists in the back of everyone's mind, and reminds us that there are forces greater than ourselves.

A Reader's Review: Looking forward to reading Flight of the Firebird - just love your descriptions of places and the people of wild and unruly Africa. You have a wonderful gift of telling a story and when set in Africa, so mysterious and untamed, even more so. Go on writing with all the vigour you possess and give us another exciting and stimulating book.

*** ***

Since reading is all about escape, then one book I do suggest is A Woman of Africa. As first efforts go, this is undoubtedly an easy read that has more than enough to keep you entertained.

Caitlin and Matt King own a safari business in the heartland of Zimbabwe. Also involved in anti-poaching duties, Matt's long sojourns from home leave his wife both lonely and unsettled, until Nicholas, an American artist, on holiday in the country, comes into her life. A Woman of Africa is a delightful mix of torrid sex and high adventure that moves along at a heady pace from start to finish.

Harding's book abounds with beautiful descriptions of the Zimbabwean landscape, but also evident is her clear understanding of the arrogant disregard the human race has for its fragile eco-system. Just the book to keep the coldest of nights at bay.

*** Dale Maitland-Cartwright, UK ***